HELLO!I am Lesley Arnold. As an Oak Meadow K-8 teacher, I look forward to connecting with students and families for individual tutoring. I know that sometimes the wonderful autonomy that comes from homeschooling can also be a challenge. My goal is to be certain that you always have a place to turn for extra assistance and support. 

MY STORY: My father was a Commander and pilot in the U.S. Navy and consequently, I moved with my family every couple of years. My senior year in high school, we moved to New Zealand. I look back on that year with fond memories. My parents' decision to homeschool allowed me the opportunity to do a lot of traveling while maintaining my studies. I appreciated that flexibility to explore and study the beautiful country and its people. I also developed a nice relationship with my teacher, with whom I corresponded entirely through postal mail to the United States. Lessons and corrections moved back and forth quite slowly! We didn’t have computers then! Now that I am a teacher working with distance learning students, I remember my teacher and I am reminded of the impact a positive student-teacher relationship can have, particularly for homeschooled students. When I was in New Zealand, I discovered Sylvia Ashton Warner, a New Zealand writer and educator who worked extensively with the Māori. It was Warner’s pioneering work with the Māori children that inspired me to become a teacher. I share Warner’s belief that learning is an organic experience that begins with a child’s own life experiences and is formed by each child’s unique characteristics, situation, and emotional life. Teaching the child with this in mind guides the child to build an inner strength that is much more than just academic success. 


MY EDUCATION: I graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree and also a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Childhood Development. I’ve done additional graduate level work in Movement Education and Outdoor Education, and I received a Waldorf Teaching Certificate from Antioch New England Graduate School. After teaching in the public schools for many years, I was a class teacher at the Monadnock Waldorf School in Keene, New Hampshire. I live in Keene and spend my free time visiting my children and grandchildren, knitting, hiking, biking, skiing, and reading. 


I love helping to guide Oak Meadow students and parents. They are all over the world! Working with families throughout the world encourages me to use all my abilities—my love of children, my interest in curriculum development, and my knowledge of how culture, home life, and the health of a child impact learning.

I look forward to connecting with you!